Posted by: Judy Barrett | October 21, 2010

The Scoping Community Speaks

Success as a scopist requires a high degree of independence and individual responsibility, both in the learning stage and later, when actually doing scoping for court reporters.

On any subject, in any circle of influence, on or off the Internet, it is possible to form a group of eager followers of someone who may be friendly, who may express a great desire to be helpful, who may invest a great deal of personal energy in creating an offering, based on inexperience and lack of complete knowledge about the field in question, which does not live up to its many claims of excellence.

It is not just individuals who are hurt in such a circumstance; an entire professional field can be harmed by the misguided influence  of such a would-be leader. 

Members of the scoping community finally spoke out about Devon Roberts and her many claims of superiority over other trainers and scopists who have been in the field for many years.

Follow the link at the bottom of this post to view this discussion (in which I was not involved): 

Be sure to read Post 71, on the fourth page, by Jim Barker.  He’s a consummate professional when it comes to the rules of English.  He used to teach English in court reporting schools.  He’s the owner of the Court Reporting Forum at Compuserve, and the creator of the Searchmaster program.  He knows whereof he speaks with his comments in this long thread.  There have been over 5,000 views, and I think you’ll find it informative.

From Post 118, by Jim Barker:

“How can someone with so fleeting and shallow a romance with the English language be engaged in the teaching of scopists, especially given that skill with the English language is the sine qua non of a profitable scoping career?”

It is well worthwhile to read the whole thread, but pay particular attention to Messages 118, 133, 136, 139, 141, and 145.

In Post 133, and 145, Jim Barker is responding to a Michelle, who is trying to defend Devon’s actions in which she basically libeled me and some other training programs, publicly claiming that I (and others) “don’t know how to teach.”

At stake in this conversation is the matter of the integrity of the record, which impacts the lives of the many people involved in criminal or civil litigation every day.  Court reporters are the “Guardians of the Record.”  Scopists are the second-line defense in offering valued editing services in the preparation of that record. 

The title of the thread in the link below is “Joyful Leads Recruiting Experience.”  There are eight pages in the thread, and starting with the first page will give context to the whole discussion.

Scoping Community Speaks

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