I am Judy Barrett, Owner of Scoping Careers International.  I have, for more than 25 years, been an editor and scoping training consultant in the court reporting field.  I operate a business to train others to do “scoping,” which is in-house jargon for computerized text-editing of legal transcripts.

Before entering this field, I worked in an administrative capacity for the Office of Naval Intelligence, and one of my duties was taking statements under oath in shorthand for use in U. S. Naval legal proceedings — very practical experience which I later was able to call on in my capacity as an editor for court reporters in civil and criminal proceedings in state and federal courts.

I later worked as an administrative assistant in the Physics Department of California State University, Northridge, in Northridge, California.  That experience was of value when I was involved in editing scientific material in litigation involving technical matters.

Prior to starting my scoping training program, I had many years’ experience actually doing the work, and have always been able to teach what I know from my own personal experience.  I have gained extensive experience, through time, teaching in court reporting, business, and literary settings.

I am a marketing and personal coach, based on experience as an agent in the real estate and insurance industries in California, as well as my experience in teaching my scoping students how to best promote their own careers.

I have long enjoyed the unique privilege of being able to pursue an interesting career from my own residence, while earning an above-average income, and enjoying an unusual degree of personal freedom.

It’s a family affair!  My daughter has been doing scoping over an 18-year period, a “habit” which allows her to explore various artistic interests while earning a good living through a very flexible schedule.

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