Ongoing Issues

The material posted on this Web site makes it clear that Devon Roberts was a student in my program, beginning in July 2006.  Following the decision of the Magistrate in this matter, Devon Roberts has continued to post inaccurate and defamatory assertions with regard to my training program, through thinly-veiled innuendo and through private correspondence.

Let it hereby be known that her public references to “a program” which she claims did not meet her needs, did not deliver what was promised, are sub rosa references to the training she entered, but did not complete, with Scoping Careers International and Judy Barrett.  “Sub rosa,” until very recently, when a line was crossed and defamatory remarks openly naming my program, Scoping Careers International (SCI) were made for all the world to see!

In the blog postings below, under the Title “Ongoing Issues,” statements taken directly from Devon Roberts’ Web site are displayed, along with appropriate commentary.

Please remember that .pdf files can be enlarged beyond 100% to make viewing easier.

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