Breach of Contract Filing

In her original filing, Devon Roberts claimed breach of contract, and asked for the return of her entire training fee of $2,150.00, almost two years after leaving the SCI program.

Follow this link to view the notice of trial in this matter:

Notice of Trial

On the day of the trial,  Ms. Roberts attempted to amend her original filing, submitting a list of claimed damages based on the cost of books which are not, and never were, a part of the SCI training materials;  a request for reimbursement for lost income (which is specifically prohibited by the terms of our original contract); and reimbursement of her attorney’s fees.   The request for an additional $3,398.90 over and above her request for refund of her training fee (which would have amounted to $5,548.90, in total), was denied by the Magistrate.

Follow this link to view the proposed amendment to the original filing:

Addendum to Original Filing 

As of this posting, Devon Roberts now has an enrollment document posted on her web site, eschewing any responsibility for the earning capacity of her own students, and insisting that they sign a non-compete agreement.

Follow this link to view a screen shot of the above:

SMA Enrollment Contract 


The trial in this matter was held, finally, on April 30, 2009.  Please follow this link to view information pertaining to the trial:

The Trial

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