Setting the Record Straight

Inaccurate information is being circulated in court reporting and scoping circles on the Internet, claiming that I, Judy Barrett, Owner of Scoping Careers International (, sued Devon Roberts, aka Devon Schueth, Owner of, aka Scoping Made Affordable.

To the contrary, Devon Roberts, aka Devon Schueth,  filed a lawsuit against me on March 26, 2008 (almost two years after leaving my program), claiming breach of contract.  In her suit, she asserted that she did not receive the training and support offered in the contract, and asked for return of her entire training fee of $2,150.00.

In addition, Devon Roberts attempted to enter an amendment at the time of trial, requesting that the court award her further damages in the amount of $3,398.90 for reimbursement for books which are not and never were offered as a part of my program, and for a claim of payment for “lost income” because a court reporter, or court reporters, were not paying her for work done and were not continuing to send her work.

Further, postings on Devon Roberts’ web site, since immediately after the judgment of the court, and continuing until very recently, are of such a nature that they require refutation. 

After lengthy consultation with both my Iowa and New Mexico attorneys, all of whom specialize in areas of defamation, unfair business practices, plagiarism and copyright infringement issues, I have decided it is important to post publicly the facts of the matter in this case, in refutation of defamatory innuendo and hearsay being published against me by Devon Roberts, more than two years later, after the legal resolution of the matter, and to clarify the origins of this case. 

Follow this link for the background history of Devon Roberts’ complaint:

The History


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