The History


Devon Roberts enrolled in my training program, under her married name of Devon Schueth, on July 28, 2006.  (Note that the contract has a date of June 28, 2006, owing to a typographical error.)

Below is a link to the contract she signed with me:

Devon Schueth Contract


Devon Schueth Roberts came to me with a claim of a degree in early childhood education from the University of Iowa, and although initial correspondence with her in the beginning of my association with her did not alert me to the fact that she had major challenges with her knowledge of grammar and spelling, I began to see that she had deficiencies in her grasp of basic English, which she should have learned by the time she completed high school (something I did not contract to teach her), and I advised her to review very thoroughly the material in the Gregg Reference Manual (the English guide I use in my training program).

Devon was working at another job when she started my program, and at one time had to slow down her study process owing to financial problems.  She then got in touch to say she was ready for a fresh start.  By November of that year, she wrote to say she was already working with her first court reporter.  Very shortly, she e-mailed to say that the reporter stated she was making “glaring errors.”

In January 2007, against my advice, Devon Roberts left my course without notice to me, and without seeking my counsel.  She never came back, never contacted me to ask for help, and thereby forfeited about six months of my valuable mentoring and counsel – counsel which has seen a half dozen other students who enrolled at about the same time Devon did to demonstrated success as scopists. 

Follow this link to a series of sworn affidavits from clients who were enrolled in the SCI training program at around the same time Devon Roberts was enrolled:


Devon left my program before completing it, under financial stress, and with resultant inadequate skills in both reading steno and use of the rules of English, owing to her stated need to begin earning an income, as she was getting a divorce.  I expressed understanding of that fact, but advised Ms. Roberts to continue with her studies, counseling her that she was not ready to begin scoping. 

Nevertheless, using marketing techniques from my program, Devon Roberts found a first job with a court reporter and wrote me, on November 25, 2006, that she was quitting her regular job to do scoping. 

Defendant’s Exhibits 3/4 Excerpts

When the reporter found her wanting, Devon left my program and began posting on the Internet that she did not receive adequate training from my program, and that I did not offer support.

With the above as background, Devon Roberts put up a web site on the Internet early in 2008, claiming to be a scoping trainer.   On that web site, she asserted that she had finished “an online training program” in only two months (which, based on the dates involved, could only have been mine), and that she had found work with a first reporter in November, 2006, and had  been busy ever since.

Follow this link to view a screenshot of the above-mentioned web page:

Defendant’s Exhibit 5

At the very same time, Devon was publicly and vociferously complaining that she did not get the training and support she needed from my course and, owing to the deficiencies in the SCI training, she was not able to keep a job with court reporters.   At about the same time that  she put up her scoping training web site, Devon filed her “breach of contract” lawsuit — almost two years after leaving my program.

Follow this link for documentation regarding the filing of the breach of contract lawsuit, claiming deficiencies in the SCI training, and lack of support:

Notice of Trial


 Two contrasting, simultaneous claims:
 1)  She is a trainer who has “been busy ever since completing her scoping training”;
    2)  She can’t keep work coming from court reporters, and is filing a breach of contract lawsuit.

Shortly after announcing her new status as a scoping trainer,  Devon Roberts wrote to two vendors with whom I had then been doing business for several years, claiming that my program was “worthless,” that I “demeaned” her, and that I “set her up to fail.”  (Those letters are on file with my attorneys.)


Follow this link to continue to the record of the filing of the breach of contract lawsuit:

Filing of Breach of Contract Lawsuit

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